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At I Cook U Eat, caterings is what we do best. Whether you’re thinking about a quiet dinner for two, entertaining a few friends for a special occasion, hosting 300 guests for a quinceanera, or planning a wedding, our dedicated staff will work hard to ensure excellence at your event. It is important for us to maintain quality, ensure cleanliness, and provide the best cuisine that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

We are able to accommodate your needs in several ways. We can have our staff on site to serve for your special occasion, or we can prepare your menu items for pickup or drop off. We are a small, local business, which makes it easy to work very closely with our clientele to provide you with the highest quality service and exactly what you need.

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Hands down an excellent choice for catering. The food was delicious, even the vegan plates! The service was excellent, the servers went above and beyond what was expected. Thanks very much from all of us at Texas Plant and Soil Lab!

Matt Gilmore

Everything is just pure goodness and is cooked straight from the heart . Los felicito a todos como equipo y al en especial al Chef Rudy, tiene un gran talento y aun mas grande corazon y pasion por llevar la salud y el bienestar. Keep up the amazing work....

Felix Rivera

The food is always fresh and everything was absolutely delicious, but then again it always is. I tried the tuna salad today for the first time and it was THE BEST tuna salad I have ever had.

Vivian Lee Gomez

Hands down the food is of superior quality and taste! The Portions are awesome and Rudy Pina and staff are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet!

Rey Saucedo

Thank you for the delicious meal that was catered at my sister's wedding. They were very professional throughout the whole process and everything went smoothly. Our guests were satisfied with the generous portions served. And a special thanks for accommodating a special vegan "plant based" request.

Ida Ortiz



Whether you are planning a lunch or a dinner with your executive team, treating the staff for their hard work, or hosting a big holiday party, we will make sure they get only the best.

Kitchen Consultant

Imagine a chef coming to your home and giving your pantry an overhaul? Get rid of the old items and learn what to make with them.

Performance Meals

Are you looking to change your current diet to something more nutritional and healthy? Then, you have come to the right place.  

Facility Rental

Are you having an office meeting, small intimate gathering, or just needing a place to discuss business endeavors with total privacy?

Food Handlers

Call for us to go certify your employees at your location or click on the link to get certified NOW online. We will certify your whole staff for your restaurant or food business to be in compliance with local food inspectors.

Personal Chef Services

Don’t have time to cook and you’re thinking of throwing a small party or a romantic dinner for 2 but want to make it special? We will make that happen for you.