Meal Prep Classes Presented by I Cook U Eat and T180 Fitness!

Would you like to learn how to prep your own meals and stop spending so much money?  We can help you prep, cook, and portion your meals to get you healthy.  We will be hosting classes either at I cook u eat, your facility, your gym, or even in the privacy of your home.  

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone trying to lose weight
  • Stay at home parents/Caregivers
  • Anyone wanting to improve their family’s health
  • Anyone spending too much money on eating out
  • Anyone with limited time to cook and/or meal prep
  • Personal Trainers/Gyms wanting their clients to achieve optimal results
  • Anyone who is ill (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GI problems, etc)
  • Physicians wanting to offer healthier options to patients
  • Health/Fitness Groups (Advocare, Herbalife, Beachbody,etc) needing to help their teams eat smart and achieve better results

Here's What You Will Recieve

  • FREE meals to take home
  • FREE containers for meal prepping
  • FREE recipes
  • FREE meal plans
  • FREE shopping lists
  • FREE money-saving tips
  • FREE meal prep tips (we won’t hold back ANYTHING)
    • The importance of being prepared (failure to prep results in prepping for failure)
    • What foods to buy and how to prepare them (not all “healthy” foods are healthy)
    • What healthy seasonings to use for food enhancement.
    • How to store meals and for how long.
    • How to reheat and enjoy your meals.
  • FREE info on how we can meal prep for you if you don’t have the time